Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap up 13 and 14

I have been trying to do one Science experiment/activity with the kids each week recently. This is one subject Timmy would never get enough of and since he is trying to have a better attitude about his other schoolwork I wanted to encourage him even more.
Working on a T-Rex Dig
These were from a big Smithsonian kit we picked up at Costco last year, we still have a few more in this kit before we have to get something else.
Working on a Gem dig
I still love our Draw Right Now books. I love that the kids and I can do it together and it is a slight challenge while still being actually doable. I also like that we can draw pictures to go along with what we are studying.
Drawing Lincolns Cabin

Hiding her Cabin from me
This is what the big kids school area may look like on a typical day. There is a bit of order in the chaos. See I even have a planner.
Our School Desks. :) AKA the kitchen table
We have been studying Lewis and Clark so yesterday I sent the kids out with an empty shoe box paper and a pencil to Journey around the house and return with information about the environment - weather, animals, plant life ect... They had a blast and want to do it again.
Preparing for a Lewis and Clark expedition

Showing me what information he gathered

One of the expedition journal entries.

We also joined an Oregon Trail Co-op which we will be doing on Thursdays and I will do a post on that in a few weeks.

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