Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas morning

Excitement filled our house Christms morning this year as always. I am always amazed at how the simplest of gifts can so excite a child.

Caleb got an umbrella which he has been taking everywhere for days. It is his new favorite thing. :)
Haven got a Mr. Tickle doll which make him laugh! A very nice sound coming from a baby.
Timmy of course drawing in a drawing book we got him. That boy would be happy if all he ever had to play with was pencil and paper. :)
Evangeline got so excited about this plastic necklace and bracelet she got in her stocking. Look at the silly face she is making.

It was a very nice Christmas morning. We opened the gifts, there was a bit more than the ones in the pics, and then Evangeline and I made French toast and Bacon. yummmm.

Christmas Eve

We had a really nice Christmas eve!

The kids all wore some cute Christmas outfits I was able to get them this year and we went to Grandpa and Grandma Keith and Sherry's just like always. Everyone was hanging out and having fun and then we sat down to dinner and the power went out. :)

Good thing my mom is a big fan of candles so we could still see our food a bit. Grandpa dug out the flash lights and oil lamps and we all sat down to eat. It was actually really fun if a tad too dark. hehehe
Present opening was a blast. Timmy and Benny got to spotlight the present opener and I think all the kids were a bit disappointed when the lights finally came back on.

It was eventful and probably very memorable Christmas Eve for us and the little ones. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun at Esther's

Went ot Esther's for a cookie exchange party thing today. :) It was kinda a madhouse but the kids had fun. :)

Emmy saw that Caleb had a yoda shirt on that she owned too so she had to change to match. Way cute!

Christmas program

Our church had there Christmas program last night and it was so sweet to see my little take such joy in being a part of it. Evangeline was an angel and in one of her songs got to hold the H in Christmas. :) Timmy was a shephard. They knew all the words and have been practicing for days.

It was a really nice mommy moment, both sets of Grandparents came out and I know the kids really enjoyed that they were there to see them.

Students of the month

Evangeline was a student of the month for November! The words her teacher used to describe her were Focused, Thoughtful, Thinker, Learner, and Reader. All perfectly true. Although it is the first year Perfectionist wasn't used to describe her. :)

Then in December Timothy was a Student of the Month. His words were Sensitive, Charismatic, Dependable, Cooperative, Honest. Very good words for Timmy although I am not sure he is always dependable or cooperative at home. Good to know he is at school. :)