Monday, March 15, 2010

My big man is officially 7

Day after Breakfast!
He loves this :) keeps checking the weather for me.
Blow out the candles
The table decor including the cake and his painted lighthouse.
The present table. He cut out and colored these fishies himself.
The CD fish mobile
Making some decor
Swirly batter for the ocean cake

Just for Fun

Haven received this stuffed Buzz Lightyear for his birthday from Bob and Abbie and the kids. He came with his hands velcroed around a blankie. One day Evangeline put him around Havens neck and now we see this almost everyday. :)
His cute dirty fishy face

We saw some cute flower headbands at Ross the other day but they were too spendy for this mommy. So I went on over to Michaels and grabbed a couple daisy's which happened to be on sale. Brought them home and hotglued them to some headbands. Yay for Springtime headwear. Also this was part of a bit of girly time I have been attempting to carve out for my girl and I so look forward to some more to come.