Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summertime fun

Butterflies ready for freedom 

Perched on the cage before it takes flight
Watching the butterflies
Timmy let them go in the veggie garden hoping they will keep coming back
Bonfire smore time

Kaylin said she did not want to get in and then drenched herself anyway :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Passing the time while Daddy is away

We have been watching our caterpillars cocoon and we await there transformation any day now.
Grandpa Keith and the kids have done so much yard work. mowing, and mowing, raking, and raking, and bagging, and finally the yard is usable again. :)
We went to pick berries last week and they have found there way to the freezer. Well most of them did. :)
Papa and Uncle Bob on Fathers Day out back with the kidlets.
The garden is growing well with all this sunshine and so are the kidlets.
Naturally we have not finished as much as I had hoped, although we do have 6 long days left until Daddy returns so maybe we will get some of it done after all.


Joining Second Star to the Right again this week for her blog hop. This week we are supposed to share the Where of our home school.

The first stop on the tour is the front bookcase. This is the case that holds the day to day curriculum. So we are using these shelves everyday.

Here is the living room area, Math U See is done while on the couch or the floor and once a week they will be watching a dvd before they do it. This is also where a lot of read aloud time takes place.
Kitchen table is the main station for sit down work at the moment. I hope to get a desk or table area in another spot for my oldest son before school next year as we will be starting the 2 youngest on more sit down work and the table may become there zone. :) Oh and the computer is here directly to the right so it is easy access for when we do any type of online games, drills, printing ect...
This is my daughters desk in her room. She goes here for reading time, writing time, and anything else independent she wants quiet for. :) Sometimes she sits on her bed which is to the right as well. None of the boys go to there rooms for work as they do not have the concentration yet to do anything when they are out of eyesight of momma.

That is basically it, we pretty much school all over the house and it is a bit chaotic most of the time.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just for Today

Outside my window... A few red roses against a green back yard

I am thinking... Just 14 days to go until my Justin comes home

I am thankful for... Amazing Family and Friends who are there for me even when I didn't realize I needed them.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies) We are learning to Pray and Trust

From the kitchen... Dirty dishes since my dishwasher is acting up. Time to give it a good cleaning and see if that will help.

I am wearing... My boots that have seen better days, Jeans that I embroidered that have also seen better days, and a stripey yellow and grey shirt with a hood. (Oh and one of my headbands from Shae)

I am going... To town in a bit to give my sister a ride to WIC and to see if anything can be done about Travis phone not working in India.

I am reading... A Pocketful of Pinecones to myself and The Hobbit (same edition I linked too it's so pretty) as a read aloud to the kids

I am hoping... To start working on the boys paint touch up soon

I am hearing... The kids playing with some bugs

Around the house... Flowers on the kitchen table, a bit of cleaning to do, some fresh herbs I just picked on the counter

One of my favorite things... Hearing my Justin on the phone

A few plans for the rest of the week: Go to the park if it is nice out, maybe drive through the Safari, Have a WIC class sometime, Small group on Tue, Keeping busy as much as possible - maybe some sewing.

Sadly we only have one camera and it is with Justin so I do not have a pic to share :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Joining my sister again! Second Star to the Right

Today we are supposed to discuss the when of our Yearly schedule.

Just the term Yearly schedule seems to imply a much more organized and tidy individual than I find myself to be. :)

Intending to or not, we seem to be year round schoolers. We take a break for Christmas which is always at least 2 weeks, a break for Easter of about a week, a break for Thanksgiving of about a week, and we go slower in summer usually just doing math, grammar, reading and extras. We also break for birthdays if they are midweek, vacations (if we have one), and when we are just cranky. hehehe Then again we school some Saturdays if daddy works. So it all works out in the end.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the park

Peaceful playtime at the park was just the way to spend our last night as a family until Daddy gets back from his trip.

Playing some catch

Sliding Oso down the slide. (Poor doggy)
My 2 men
Just look at how handsome they both are.
Bubble time
God blessed us with beautiful weather and glorious clouds to watch.
We dropped Justin off this morning and the team is headed to the airport as I type. For those who may not know he will be with an MBS team in India for nearly 3 weeks. Please keep the team in your prayers and I also ask prayer for the families. This will be by far the longest we have been apart since we got married and although I feel a peace about it I know that we all will miss him.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Joining my sister at Second Star to the Right again for her Who! What! When! Where! How! Why! Blog hop.

This week we get to blog chat about the what of our home school curriculum.

My oldest Evangeline will be using the Creation to Christ Curriculum from Heart of Dakota this year. She is in love with it even though we have not started. The idea of having a lot more independent work is really a big deal for her. We are still on the lookout for a few of the books but we ave a great start and should be ready to start by June or July

She is already started on the Drawn into the Heart of Reading curriculum you see here on the right. So far we are loving it and really finding it to be an enjoyable yet flexible reading program.
 My oldest son Timothy will be using the Bigger Hearts for his Glory curriculum this year. I have everything he needs minus one last book. :) On the right you see his emergent readers we are still working our way through and I hope we can be finished with them by June/July so he can move into the same reading program as his sister at the lowest level.
 The two youngest boys will be going through Little Hands to Heaven together.

We use Math U See for as our Main math with Math Mammoth as a printable supplement. We will have our 10 year old in Delta at the beginning of the year, 8 year old will be finishing up Alpha, and 5 year old will start Primer. My 4 year old will not be starting just yet.

We will be using Song School Greek for the 3 boys and Greek for Children with Evangeline.

We will use Rod and Staff English for the 2 oldest and add daily grams to that for Evangeline.

I think that seems to be the core of our curriculum but I am sure we will do a few extras or additions here and there. I pretty much go with the flow around here. :) I am so excited to be trying out Heart of Dakota and really praying it is the perfect fit for me and the kids. I need the schedule as that is the one thing I really see lacking this last year and I love how the Bible is so integrated into the entire curriculum.

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