Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines for hair

I have seen all kinds of valentine felt hearts this week on blogs. Pins, Garlands, ect... Then Shae sent me an Etsy link to some cute hair clip flowers. So these are my interpretation of a combo of both. :) I think they turned out cute and can't wait to see my nieces and my Girly sporting them for Valentines Day. :)

First I cut out 3 pieces for each heart. One large piece of felt (Just the cheap stuff from WalMart) and 2 smaller hearts of cotton.
Then I glue sticked them together so they wouldn't move while I stitched them.
I stitched around each heart. Middle heart straight stitch inside and out with a zigzag. They are kind of small so go slow and make sure your needle is in the down position when you stop to maneuver corners.

After stitching I trimmed those crazy excess threads and dug through my buttons for some small enough and cute enough to coordinate with the hearts.
Then I sat and stitched all the buttons on.
Next I grabbed my glue gun. It is low temp but seems to be holding fine. If I had the choice I would use high temp so the hold would be stronger. Evangeline had these hair clips she never wears so we used them to put the hearts onto. You could use any small hair clips or even a safety pin and just wear them on your shirt.

My Beauty sporting her new Heart. :)


All4HisGlory said...

CUTE!! Good idea for Valentines... we'll have to try the flowers next :)

Pamela said...

Such an adorable craft. Your daughter looks sweet wearing a heart.

Don't you just love the Children's Ministry Bible? It inspired my first book and I used it for everyone that followed. Everytime I got stuck I'd grab for it.

That brownie cake sure looks good.

Tiff said...

Super-cute, Beth!

;-) said...

Love the hair clips and crayon rolls! Great preschool ideas, too!