Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/25/10

So my last wrap up was several weeks ago thus this one will have a bit from the last 2 weeks in it.

Practice CAT before the big day. She got out a lot of anxiety and when the big day arrived did great. (We should have results in a couple weeks) Oh and when I told her took pick out a book to read during breaks at the testing she picked her Bible. :)

Last Spring trip to the Safari in which the big kids were very sweet to there youngers. :) Also beautiful weather.

My first time as the official driver going through the Safari drive through. Timmy had to snap a pic.

Kids decided this lazy guy reminded them of our Dog OSO. :) Luckily the Bears, Lions, Cheetahs and Tigers were much more active.

I cut the lawn with a riding lawnmower for the first time in my life and actually found it relaxing other than the sore legs the day after. hehehe I will be mowing most of the time from now on as my husband practically dies from allergies.

Nature walk at the duck pond. My whole Beautiful family minus me. :)

Still walking


The 3 oldest spend this last week at a local VBS and had such a blast. Haven and I chilled at my sisters house most of the mornings they were there and you can check her blog to see a bit of what we were working on.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/11/10

Tiny bits of sunshine escaped from the clouds this week off and on and although I would have appreciated a bit more I was very greatful for what we received.

We celebrated my sweet nieces 4th Birthday last Saturday and the kids had a blast at a local fun center.
(My kids are all in a row with the hats on, being surprisingly mild mannered)

Timothy came home from his weekly cooking class at Grandmas with this delicious homemade cake. It was so good and he was so excited that we could all have 2 pieces. One for now and one for later. :)

Evangeline shared her day with Grandma this week with her best friend, they have known each other forever and since she will be moving to Mexico with her family soon as missionaries they took the day just to have some fun and Grandma took some pics too.  Here is the families blog

We put together a summer adventure box this week too. My kids decided they wanted it to be about backyard animals.

So far they have mostly been studying insects. My boys do this all of the time anyway so it comes very naturally to them. :) Here they are working on a little bug house kit we put together.

I got the idea for this kit from my sister at

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breathing Anew

Some days I wake up weary and then what do I do? I consider how weary I am, I dwell on it, I swim in it. Far to common of an occurance as of late. Slowly it dawned on me that the more I linger in a place of worry and weariness the less I feel like doing anything about it. After all I am a sinner and a failure.

Why I wonder is my house not as tidy as I would like it to be? Why aren't my children as polite and content as I would like them to be? Why am I not as submissive and caring as I should be? Then the light comes on inside of my heart. Knock knock, my God reminding me to dwell on him and not on myself.

The beautiful Glorious sunshine yesterday reminded me of how my spirit lifts when I go into the sunny world and soak in it. How much more will my spirit lift if I Go into the Son and soak him in?

Calling on my Lord today and knowing he does hear me and will help me take to baby steps on my journey of becoming the person he created me to be.

Jeremiah 33:3

Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/4/2010

Evangeline has been going to Grandmas once a week for a little while now. She is getting some one on one time to learn some handiwork she has been wanting to do but I have never been able to get around to.

First she is learning to embroider and she is so excited about it. She has shown so much patience it is really amazing. She plans to finish this sampler and frame it for her bedroom.

They are also pressing flowers. I believe Grandma and Evangeline plan on some kind of craft with these when they are finished. Possibly Christmas presents.

Next on the list is learning how to bike. Just as soon as the sun chooses to peak out a bit more than it has been. :)

Timothy has also been having a once a week Grandma day. He has chosen to do cooking lessons with Grandma and is enjoying it very much.

This is him with some yummy Beef Pie. He took so much time decorating the top of this. It was beautiful.

As for at our house we finally pulled out the legos that have been in a tub since we had our first baby. They are an amazing success and all 4 of the kids are in Love. :)

Here is Timmy with his first creation a 2 story house on wheels. With solar panel!

We won't be stopping school for summer, we may be on a summer slowdown but not a summer break. We just switched to Math U See curriculum instead of Horizons and so far it has been amazing. Timmy is in love with the block manipulatives and the dvd we get to watch before each lesson. Easy to understand and hands on have made this a big hit. We shall see how it keeps progressing.
Timothy officially finished his first book this week and I can see a little glimmer of hope for his love for reading to blossom. I know it won't be long before he really jumps in with both feet. He just needs to warm up to the idea first.

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A Time Out

It's been a crazy few months at our home. After over a month of having no job God led Justin straight to a job we weren't even really considering. The weekend before he went back to work Justin and I took a weekend camping trip thanks to his wonderful momma who offered to watch the kidlets and let us use there van. It was glorious at the coast and we had an amazing get away. It can be so nice to just sit back and talk with no fear of interruption. :)

Justin is now at Verizon Phones Plus and it has been an amazing blessing. We do miss having him home all day though and even when the time off was a tad stressful with a limited budget it was truly a great time for us just to be a family. :)