Monday, July 20, 2009

Build a Bear and some Beds

Caleb after a hard day with his new friend.

Playing with his Spider Monkey

I want this one mommy

We found some twin beds for Evangeline and Timmy

It was a tight squeeze (Then Grandma offered Evangeline a ride home. :)

So we took a trip up to Eugene to get Caleb a Build a Bear for his Birthday from Grandma Ardel and Grandpa Rick. After that we went to Chuck E Cheese.
Fun was had by all.
We also found 2 really nice used twin captains beds up at St Vincents so we had a tight fit on the way home but now all my children will have beds once we get into the new house.

At the end of a long road

Last day at the Ann House. :)

Crazy Neighbor.

Little Man very confused

Bob just sitting
An empty closet

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

My Big 3 year old boy helping make his Birthday cake. :)
Here is the Monster cake we created together (Orange as requested)
Can I please have a lick mommy?
Now he is officially 3 and here's the fingers to prove it
Monstery books
Really cool little cars - So cool they couldn't go into the storage unit
Ya they shooting gun just like he wanted
Prep for candle blowing
Playing at the Playground
Parties are awesome (He slept until the very end but woke up very happy)
Eat it or wear it?
Big brother giving a shooting lesson
Happy Birthday to my energy filled, Love the whole world, and himself little man.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Monsters

Basket of Monsters I made for party favors for Caleb's 3rd Birthday this weekend. So Fun I made a few extras. hehehe

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inspired by Tiff!

Okay so here is my To Do for this week. Or a rough outline at least, hoping that putting it down on paper (Well typing it on computer) will give me an idea if it is doable and help me prioritize all of it.

Get all my Laundry caught up by the weekend

Finish packing all of the garage and start on the kitchen

Keep on top of the dishes so they don't get backed up

Pick berries at some point in this week so I have some for the mops pie sale at the end of the month

Do some sewing and hopefully dwindle the half sewn project pile so I do not have to move it all to the next house half done.

Friday I must bake Calebs B-day cake and make any snacky foods for his party and finalize any party plans.

Friday afternoon Happy B-day Russ Party

Saturday morning go get balloons and go have a party for my 3 year old. :)

Sunday Benny's B-day (Note to self don't forget the present)

Also need to finish OHP application and call wic.

Oh and we have to get rid of our mousey houseguest too. :)

Summer fun

Dirt, Sun, and Swings, Pure Happiness

Siblings on the 4th

Pretty Girls

Peace Baby

The Gang

The Chaos :)

Sleepy Boy
(Holidays really take it out of you)

My Hubby on his B-day (We got a night out without the kidlets thanks to my mom and dad)

Petting a turtle at the art festival