Thursday, May 26, 2011


Evangeline is 10 and will be going into the 5th grade this coming school year. She is Caring, Protective, Thoughtful of others, Organized, Independent
Favorites -
School Subject: Reading
Color: Purple
Book: Little Woman
Sport: Skating
Activity: Wii games
Game: Chinese Checkers
T.V. Show: Amazing Race
Movie: Tangled
Timothy is 8 and will be going into the 3rd grade this coming school year. He is Quiet, Gentle, Artistic, Happy, Inventive
Favorites -
School Subject: Science
Color: Blue
Book: Sir Small and the Dragonfly
Sport: Softball
Activity: Drawing
Game: Uno
T.V. Show: Rescue Rangers
Movie: Curious George
Caleb will be 5 in July and will be going into Kindergarten this coming school year. He is Loud, Energetic, Outgoing, Friendly, Determined
Favorites -
School Subject: Watch Leap frog videos
Color: Orange
Book: There's a Monster Eating my house
Sport: Racing
Activity: Playing outside
Game: Donkey Kong
T.V. Show: Superman
Movie: Star Wars
Haven will be 4 in December and he will be going into Preschool this coming school year. He is Affectionate, Shy, Playful, Helpful, Inquisitive

Favorites -
School Subject: Woody
Color: Green
Book: Woody easy reader

Sport: Pencils
Activity: Lacing Beads

Game: Cootie bugs

T.V. Show: Diego
Movie: Toy Story

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Mixed Up Garden of Mrs Ballenger

Today I am Thankful for the sunshine, my garden is loving it and soaking it up. My kids are also loving and soaking it up!

This is my left garden bed - Zucchini, Acorn Squash (a bit nibbled on pre fence), Lemon Cucumbers (A tad droopy), carrot seeds (not sprouted so we shall see), Cauliflower, Pumpkins (Also droopy) and some herbs and a few marigolds.
Right side bed - Basil, lemon balm, Tomato plants, and some other herbs. 2 pots in the middle with radish and green bean seeded but not sprouted.
Some herb can't remember what I planted here. :)
My Strawberries are doing well!
Each of the kids picked a pansy plant awhile back and they adore this weather. :) Love the variety reminds me of my amazing little ones and how different they each are every time I see it.
Remember the Easter morning Garden? It has gone wild. Whatever the white one on the right is I need to transplant it soon.
Pretty pop of blue against the Orange pot.
Haven loves the Garden and will help me every time I head out there.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up (Yes we are still schooling)

So I realized today it has been a very long while since I did a weekly wrap up. Yes we are still doing school, I just have not taken as many pics or gotten around to posting the last few months.

Evangeline started Heart of Dakota - Drawn into the Heart of Reading program awhile back and she is really enjoying it. It has been a really good way for me to offer her a chance to think about what she reads and offers her something mostly independent to do. This is something she really needed and so far is really enjoying.

Timothy is still working his way through Heart of Dakota's Emergent Reader books. Slow and Steady and I pray that he catches a fire for reading this summer.
He is also still working through a mixture of explode the code, beyond the code, and a little phonics pathways.

Math has been going slow for a few months but just in the last two weeks both kids have started to really speed through it again. Finally getting concepts that have been rattling around in there heads for awhile. :) We will be doing Math and Reading throughout the summer with both of them.

Evangeline completely finished her Reason for Handwriting cursive book this week. She will not be doing any more formal cursive but instead will just be using cursive for any copy work she may have to do. This program worked perfect for her and we did not even use the teachers guide. She simply did it anywhere from 2 to 4 days a week and we stretched it over 2 school years.

I have more than half of next years school books and will be keeping my eyes open for the rest used as I can find them. We are all really excited to be starting HOD and I pray it is the perfect fit.

The little guys have been doing a Toy Story preschool Pack only when they ask for school. So maybe 2 days a week.
Not surprisingly Haven has been more patient with it than Caleb. I am praying they will slowly grow into doing a bit more school work as I plan to start a gentle curriculum next year.

Playing with the Math U See Blocks

Some copy work of Timothy's

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaylin

We had a fun birthday celebration for our sweet niece Kaylin to attend today. She is 2 years old already and chatting up a storm. :)

Happy Birthday Big Girl!
 Eating a sheep cupcake
 Another sheep eater
 A chick cupcake here
 Eating a piggy from her farm
 On her new trike
 Some Love from daddy
 Just hanging out
 Taking a drive
 Ready for lunch
 Sisters driving the car
 In the barn

 Just woke up and ready to party!

Happy Birthday Miss Kaylin may your years ahead be blessed and may you know how much we love you!