Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just March and how we lived. :)

Wow this month has sure blown past, or should I say dripped and poured past. We have had a lot of rain and a lot of sickness. Just a month of being extra tired for all of us.

This week Evangeline finally started cutting out pieces for a simple quilt block. Taiah and Evangeline will be making blocks at the same time as each other.
Here is a super cute bucket of Spring time books we are going to be reading for storytime. :) Well as soon as we get around to it. It's still a cute idea even if they have sat in this bucket for over a week without us reading one right?
Kids throwing paper airplanes off the porch on a semi unrainy day!
Calebs Jumping J robot he drew for me. I love Leap Frog videos. I have taken no effort to teach this little man letters whatsoever. (Next year the fun begins)
Haven had a nasty virus of some kind and was extra clingy, which is pretty clingy since he is naturally my cuddle bug already. :) I even pulled out the sling for the first time in months and this is how he stayed for half the day.
Timothy made these amazing St. Patrick Day treats all by himself.
Evangeline set the table, it's a minty green masterpiece
Take a picture of us mommy aren't we sooooooo cute!

So March pulls to a close and I welcome April with open arms and a smile. Ready for a bit of sunshine, some pretty flowers and some Easter Sunday celebrations.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 1st Boy

So this last week my Amazing Timothy turned 8. Yes the car seat was instantly abandoned on the front porch and had to be rescued from the rain by Daddy, who was reasonable enough to realize another boy would need it at some point in time.

Eight years ago I gave birth to this boy, to be honest I was terrified. Not of birth that I knew I could handle. I was terrified of a boy! I didn't know what to do with one and was kind of thinking God should have just given me girls. After all I am a girl so I understand them, right?

So here I am 8 years later with my beautiful girl and my now 3 boys. As always God was right, boys are amazing. Each of of my boys has taught me so much about myself and helped me understand the people around me better while they are at it.

Here he is Timothy at 8. Pencils/Paper, Building, Questioning, Quiet, Smart, Overalls, Dress shoes, Listening, Experimenting, growing into a little Man.