Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Retail


In Retail this month is anything but calm and reflective. I go to work and I see so much stuff and I think I should get that or this. What a deal - maybe we should have 2 or 3 as a matter of fact. No time to use it but hey at least we will own it. :) I pray and I usually see that I do not need any of it.

This is the first December that we have both worked and I am thinking it is not my favorite thing. I am so Thankful for my job and His but I miss the baking and the crafting and the sleeping in and the staying up late. This is the place God has me and I will walk in this place and I will be Thankful for my beautiful Children and my amazing Husband and my job.  I will try to be wise with what money we have and not desire more, I will try to care for the things he has given us including our marriage and children even when I am tired and crabby.

We celebrated our 13th Anniversary on the 17th and I am so happy to say I Love my Justin. 13 years and a million moments later and the Love God has given us for each other is amazing. Such a gift to know that even when we disagree, argue, crab, and annoy we LOVE each other with the Lords help.

So this Christmas week we will remember Christ and his Birth and his Death, we will Love family and friends, we will be content with what we do have and not covet more, and we will reflect on everything the Lord has done for us. Which of course is EVERYTHING

Here is a pic of our sweet neighbor Taylor paying us a visit the other day as her Dad and Mom ran an errand. Pretty sure she could not possibly have had more attention paid to her. :)