Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tot and a Preschooler

So I keep calling my boys tots but truthfully they are both nearly preschoolers and Caleb is nearly to kindy. :( How did they get so old?

Story time, reading about geography which they love. :)
We got these felt alphabet pillow letters at a yard sale this last summer. This day we put down construction paper in a circle to match the colors of the letters. Then they took turns drawing one and putting it on the matching color. They still have issues with most colors but they both love and know the color Orange!!

I always love that they recognize so many letters already just from watching Leap Frog Letter Factory. (In the back of this pic you can see the slightly mis-shaped pillows I sewed up for our Pre-school corner)
This is a German game we found at Salvation Army last year for .25 - I can't read the rules but IT has wooden candy pieces and 2 dice with colors on the sides. So they each roll a dice and pick a candy with that color on it. Then sometimes we get tricky and roll 2 dice and they have to find a candy with both colors on it. They love, love this game. and have named it the Pinata game! hehehe
Next week I plan to start some more advanced Pre-school type of work with the boys. We shall see how it goes.

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