Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful Today

 For wonderful Great Grandmothers
 For Family
 For my Children
 For delicious Food and fun times making it with my kidlets
For our home that we are able to host gatherings in.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and I look forward to sharing the Christmas season with all of you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap up 11

Started our week by Taking all 4 of the kids to Lowes build and grow clinic. The 2 littlest had so much fun. This was there first time there and wow they concentrated so hard on those hammers and nails.

Put together Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child with our small group. We will be sending them off this Sunday.

The kids did a lot of Mayflower/ Pilgrim study this week, we listened to a live interview from Plimoth on Scholastic and then they worked on some printable for a board we put together.

Here is the completed board they all love to go look at it and talk about it, although Caleb still insists he colored a Pirate ship. :)
 A little Thanksgiving banner Evangeline and I put together.

 I made some Turkey shirts for the kids this week. I got the idea and tutorial here

I did not have any interfacing so I just used a glue stick to hold the fabric down as I stitched it. :)
Here is one with the feathers and turkey sewn down. (These were the girl design and above is what the boys got)
Sorry my computer is being wacky again and won't let me flip this. :( But this is one of the completed Turkey's with handstitched feet and face. :)

I will get a pic of the kids in there shirts on Thanksgiving. :)

We have a super busy weekend ahead but that is for another blog post and then we head into Thanksgiving week. Hoping to get more sewing done next week and looking forward to the family meal on Thursday as well as beginning the plans for Christmas.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving week - The plan

So my sister has posted there plans for next week, I told her I would post mine as well so here they are. I wouldn't call mine so much a plan as a bunch of ideas we will pick and choose from as time allows. :)

We will be getting together with my sis and the kids one day to make popcorn strings for hanging outside for the animals.

We will be doing some lapbook/ copybook work, I have several options for this that I have downloaded from over the last year so we will pick and choose what works best for us. I have one folder for each child and whatever we complete will go in there so they can keep there book to look through and remember after Thanksgiving.

We also have been checking out the scholastic Thanksgiving section and will most likely continue that next week as well. We still need to explore the Mayflower after all. :)

Evangeline will practice her cursive by making name tags for everyone that will be here for Thanksgiving dinner. She loves helping make a holiday special with little homemade touches.
Here is what we are attempting if I can get the walnuts to crack cleanly.
We will have one sail and she will write the name on it.

We have a few books we will be reading and we will be doing some draw right now book 3.
Here is a sideways pic because my comp is being wacky. Also in the pic are the folders with some copywork and poems ready to go. They will use the little foamy kits we got from Grandma Ardel to decorate the front of the binders.

Other than that Thanksgiving evening we will give the kids there new Christmas movie like we usually do. This year it is the newest Veggie Tales Christmas.

We will not be doing school Black Friday! We spend a fun morning with Grandma Ardel people watching with a little but of shopping thrown in. :) Very likely this will end with a trip to a coffee shop to warm up and relax. Me personally I am hoping Legos are on a super sale. hehehe

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap up 10

We started the week with a thrifting trip. :) We went to some Goodwill's and some Saint Vinny's. We walked away with a bunch of books as usual, a few sheets, and a few other random items. Mostly we just got a nice break as a family.

I just couldn't get them all looking at once. They were to bouncy. :)

Haven dancing outside of the Hawaiian Time Restaurant.
Working on a US Puzzle we found at GoodWill
Ummm I think someone stole the camera
It had the World on the reverse way cute and vintage.
Cooking French Toast with Daddy on Wednesday

As for school both kids finished up there Current Math book and will start on the next level up next week. We also finished Stories of The Pilgrims just in time for Thanksgiving.

Some Tents I plan to sew for the boys for Christmas and why I purchased the sheets. :)

A few Thanksgiving treats we plan to make
Some T-shirts I plan to make for the kids for Thanksgiving

Next 2 months are crazy busy and I am concentrating on keeping them as joyful as possible and remembering to keep things as simple as possible.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 8 and 9

SO life has been busy so I simply didn't get to a wrap up last week.

School is still moving along at a slow and steady pace. Things just seem to slow down a bit this time of year which is possibly not a bad thing. We have gotten through studying about the first 10 Presidents and first 13 States. Timothy (7) has now read 2 full books, this is a huge step for him and I can see the reading possibilities blossoming in his mind. Caleb (4) has begun asking to learn to read and I have held off thus far but I do believe we may start some simple letter learning in January.

Taking November to get through a few workbooks such as Grammar and Math so we can have a fresh start after Christmas in a new book. We love new workbooks, clean crisp pages are just so inspiring. Also taking November to give thanks for our abundant blessings so mixing some extra Thanksgiving reading and activities in when we can, Or even on occasion just doing that instead of the regular schedule. (Crazy I know)

Slowly working on some handmade Christmas gifts and I hope to really get serious about that in the next few weeks before the clock ticks down.

Joyful our small home group is starting back up I love the fellowship and encouragement. Thanks Ash for the conversation this week) Also enjoying my new MOPS group, although I do miss my girls from the last few years.

A couple paper Christmas Trees Timmy created this week. All his own design. And these trees are tiny. (Yes it is only Nov)
Haven with his Airplane creation
He was not sleepy here! Neither was Oso
Some beautimous leaves we collected from Grandmas yard ready to be flattened with books
Gluing them onto some fish bowls
With candles in them! Hoping they last until Thanksgiving

This very morning after my hubby woke me up with a delicious Mocha in hand. :) Ignore the unbrushed hair. :)

Have a great and Thankful November everyone. :)
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