Monday, August 29, 2011

At the river

A little trip to the river.

Exploring and attempting to catch living creatures of any kind.
I do not need shoes daddy, you can carry me.
This boy is fearless
Happy to be dirty and wet.
Beautiful girl

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simply Me in August

Outside my window... Sunshine and roses

I am thinking... That I need prayer and guidance as we start our new school year.

I am thankful... To have a quiet morning with just Timmy and I to do some school.

From the learning rooms... Started using Heart of Dakota curriculum this year and it has been so wonderful thus far. A schedule to follow that is totally understandable yet flexible, and completely Christ centered.

In the kitchen... A few dishes to wash as always and yummy coffee my hubby brewed for us this morning.

I am wearing... A blue shirt with a white shirt underneath, blue Jeans, and brown sandles, and my wedding band.

I am creating... A small cross stitch a bit at a time. I was inspired recently by Karen over at Mother Culture.

I am going... To be home most of the day, unless I run to the store for milk and one more last school supply for Timmy. (seems I keep running into last school supplies I need to get LOL)

I am wondering... In what way the Lord will show Himself to us today.

I am reading... The Hobbit to the kids as a read aloud and just about to start reading Homestead: A Memoir myself.

I am hoping... That we can clearly see what God has planned for us when it comes to Justin's future Job plans.

I am looking forward to... Christmas- Yep I said it. I have this excitement to start handcrafting for family. Also MOPS this year where I get to teach crafts to moms. Love it!

I am hearing... My husband whistling a worship song. :)

Around the house... Just keeping busy, too many projects started at once. I need to complete something soon.

One of my favorite things... Having Justin home

A few plans for the rest of the week: I plan to seek God, Teach my children, Enjoy my family. :)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Justin doing the Mento/ Diet Coke experiment with the kids. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caleb starts Kindergarten

Caleb and Haven started school this week. Next week the big kids start and we will be getting used to our new routine.

The boys are using the Heart of Dakota: Little Hands To Heaven program together. Caleb is doing everything and Haven is doing most of it with him.

We are loving the curriculum. It is holding there interest and each step is short and simple yet they are learning and retaining information.
Caleb is such a perfectionist I am having to spend a bit of time helping him to just do his best and not over stress about being perfect. (Just like his sissy)
Haven is just thrilled to do most anything and has no worries about being perfect. :) Also everything he does is usually green.
We were supposed to do just the uppercase A on this project but Caleb insisted on adding a lowercase A as well.

So that was our slow start to the school year. Starting out with just the youngers was very nice and relaxing for all of us and the big kids got a few days to hang out with Grandma Ardel and Aunty Amy. Next week we add in HOD's Bigger program for Timmy and CtoC program for Evangeline.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach fun with the family

This last weekend we were blessed to be able to join my entire family (Parents, siblings, and there children) over on the Oregon Coast. All of the cousins were together for 3 days straight, what a great chance for them to really get to know each other and just have a lot of fun. It was a beautiful weekend at the coast and the Love showered on us by my parents and the entire family was just one more reminder of just how much our God in heaven must love and care for us his children.

We are now home again and for all those who have helped us out financially or with prayer and friendship I can never express how it has blessed us. God is so great, so great that it is beyond human reasoning. Just getting to see the entire body of Christ working together the way it is meant to work is breathtaking.
Justin is still looking for work, yet we know that we are in Gods great hands and we ask for your prayers that we can see clearly his will for us.

The kids will start school next week. Prayers for smooth days and cheerful hearts would be fabulous. I will be teaching all 4 officially this year so a new adventure and growing experience awaits us all.