Monday, February 28, 2011

Boys are a blessing

Justin had to work this Saturday and it just happened that my nephew and niece who are far to old if you ask me were in town at my moms for the weekend. So my momma and I did a little trade off and I kept my Nephew and she took Evangeline. So it was just me and the boys Fri night and Sat morning.

Elias went with us to the Build and Grow clinic to help the boys build there pull back race cars. These are a big hit and if you have not checked out Lowes free building clinics yet I again recommend them.
Here Elias is being very patient with Caleb.
Can you believe this a teenager playing Motor Boat with his little cousins. This just makes me smile I am so glad that even with the age difference they all just Love each other.
Duck Duck Goose time. :)
And my Haven concentrating, wish I could be that focused when I do a project.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Simple Woman on a Sunny Feb Day

Outside my window... Sunshine and grass that I needed to mow before today!
I am thinking... That this cold I have seems to be lasting forever and I am very ready to be over it.
I am thankful for... CELL group on Tuesdays, a chance to fellowship and an the perfect motivation to get my house pretty once a week.
From the learning rooms... I am rearranging bookcases. We are starting a new curriculum next year so also attempting to find all the books used at bargain prices. hehehe
From the kitchen... Trying not to look right now but I do think I can get it clean today if I have enough hot tea to motivate me.
I am wearing... Blue Jeans that almost fit right, a GI Joe t-shirt I got on clearance at Target, my worn out brown boots, and my awesome shell necklace my momma in law brought me from the Bahamas. Oh and of course my wedding band and a pony tail. (I need a hair cut soon)
I am creating... Nothing - I need to be making invites for my Timothy's birthday but that will wait until I feel well.
I am going... No where today - Home Sweet Home
I am reading... Just finished Pegasus by McKinley good but it was a first in a series she hasn't finished and I didn't know. Ughh Now I am reading some classic childrens fantasy books by E Nesbit (free on my kindle Yay!)
I am hoping... That I will actually do instead of sit
I am hearing... My children watching a movie.
Around the house... Laundry room still needs organized, getting a pile ready for a garage sale at some point in time.
One of my favorite things... Sunshine spots on the floor and little people curled up with there doggie in them to rest.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Get better quickly, Clean house, sewing a baby shower gift for a shower Sat.

No pictures today since I haven't felt well I don't think I have pulled out my camera for awhile. :(

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Womans Daybook - On a chilly Feb morning

Outside my window... Fog and Frosted grass
I am thinking... That we need to start our school day soon with our devotion reading time
I am thankful for... My husband - God really knew what he was doing when he brought us together
From the learning rooms... I am trying to make decisions on next years curriculum
From the kitchen... It is actually cleanish - might go make a hot pot of tea soon
I am wearing... Old blue Cord pants, old boots, plum long john style shirt and a brown zippered hoodie??? Ya I don't coordinate today
I am creating... Bean bags for my boys, hope to finish them today
I am going... No where today - Home Sweet Home
I am reading... Not much but I want to start soon
I am hoping... That I can get our taxes filed today
I am hearing... A leap pad being played with in relative quiet
Around the house... Kitchen chairs need recovered today, Laundry room needs reorganized, other than that it's pretty clean and calm. For now
One of my favorite things... waking up to a delicious hot Latte
A few plans for the rest of the week: Homeschool co-op tomorrow, grocery shopping
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Waiting for his Cocoa - Kinda how I feel waiting for my coffee. :)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MOPS Morning

My morning was slow. Like I was half asleep and not ready for the day. Somehow I got myself ready and the kids motivated while reminding myself not to yell and push too hard. After all it isn't really there fault I am slow today right! We made it out the door and drove the barely a block to MOPS this morning. :) I am glad I did. It was such a blessing to just visit, listen to an encouraging speaker share a gentle reminder about Loving our husbands, and make a simple and fun craft!

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful day and for gently growing me step by step.

Here is the simple decoupage candle holder we made today! Already in use. hehehe and a small heart coaster I got from a valentine exchange I am taking part in on The Homeschool Lounge.