Monday, January 10, 2011

It's about time for the Tots :)

So My sis and I occasionally think alike! Seems we both started Tot time up again this January. A dedicated somewhat organized time just for the littles. I do find it necessary to make this time happen, it is so much easier to just pop them in front of the T.V. or let them rip there room apart and argue with each other. :) (Well it actually isn't but it somehow seems that way when I am distracted by the big kids school)

So here are a few things we did last week during tot time and I hope to continue this until next school year when I will start the boys on a Dedicated Pre-K/ Kindy Curriculum together (To be assembled still hehehe).

This little space is there's for Tot Time and I hope to sew a few floor pillows today so we have something to lounge on while I read them a story. (Here they are using lacing beads and cards)
 Here they are putting tooth pics through straws. (They loved this and did it for longer than I thought that they would)

 A Wedgit train. We added to our Wedgit set as Haven got some of the mini Wedgits for his Birthday and they work wonderfully with the normal Wedgits. I will say my boys do not put things into there mouths unless it is food. :) The mini Wedgits would be too tiny if your little ones like to eat toys.
 I have been specifically making the boys clean up after themselves. I had found myself in a bad habit of asking and when they did not do it putting them in bed or time out and doing it for them. Problem is they didn't mind and were getting much worse about cleaning up after themselves. So now we make sure to put away what we get out after tot time. Small step but so far it is helping.

Plus look how cute they are helping each other. :)
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Abbie said...

Way to go looks fun! I love the toothpick idea.

Tiff said...

Good for you, Momma! Little bit at a time...

Jennifer said...

I've seen those Wedgits on a bunch of other tot sites. I just might have to invest in a set!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the toothpick activity! Saw you over at Hart2Hart. Kerri