Saturday, January 15, 2011

Evangeline Ears and Party!

My beautiful girl and her new pierced ears.
She held my hands but she was super brave! She has read all her aftercare instructions and everything. hehehe
At lunch with Rach and Steph before getting the girls ears pierced.

Sleepover party guests the morning after. :)
Reading with Papa - We had a reading themed party. The kids made bookmarks, played madlibs, we read a choose your own adventure too. :)
Some Loves
Evangelines new movie we got to watch when the kids were settled into sleeping bags with glow sticks.
A Pretty New Dress
Pretties from Katie and Fam :)
The flower cake arrangement Grandma Sherry made for Evangeline.

We ate angel food cupcakes with pudding and lasagna for dinner. :)

Missed our Taiah and Asa. :(

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Tiff said...

How beautiful! :-)