Monday, September 21, 2009

Grandmas Living Room

Evangeline wrote a description of Grandmas Living room in school. :)

Grandmas living room
My Grandmas living room is big.
She has a lot of fancy decorations.
I like to read her books.
Sometimes we spend the night at her house.
She keeps her house nice and tidy.
That's my Grandmas house.

Too cute love how she has to mention reading in everything she does. :) Oh and love how her organized mind appreciates Grandmas tidyness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Showing off the PlayDough we mixed up this week. Yes even after I decided my sis was crazy for making so many colors, here I am copying her. :) After this I also mixed up some yellow too. I mean I had to finish the rainbow right?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Monday

Timmy in deep thought on his study blanket he laid out for himself.

Evangeline in her room, her favorite place to go when the boys get too loud.

School is in full swing and so far everything is going great. Not to say everyone is perfectly happy %100 of the time. :) I am still trying to figure out exactly the best way to teach and communicate with each of my children but I feel that is a life long goal and not something I will accomplish overnight.

So just for your perusal I am going to give you the list of our current curriculum. This will most likely be added to here and there as the need arises throughout the year.

E - 3rd grade

The Prairie Primer - A Year long unit study of The Little House on the Prairie series.

This pretty much covers, Literature, History, and Bible, with alot of life skills mixed in as well as some science and more.

Easy Grammar - So far just that a simply laid out and well developed Grammar program. It's only been 2 weeks but so far I am a big fan. We are using Easy Grammar 3 and the Daily Grams as well.

Horizons Math 3 - Colorful and effective. Nice to have the teachers guide for extra ideas but probably not %100 needed at lower grades. Although I have been using mine. :)

Apologia science -
Land animals of the sixth day

I am loving this science book so far and all the kids are listening together. Except Haven he mostly wanders around.

T - 1st Grade

Horizons Math 1
This has been a bit of a challenge for Timmy, really just because he didn't do a lot of Math in Kindy. Yet he is picking it up fast with just a little extra teaching time from me. He is very hands on and active so we have to use manipulatives more than Evangeline does.

Explode the code -
Really fun for Timmy he enjoys this and we save it for last often just to get him through some of his less enjoyed stuff.

We also do wall calendar and weather chart

Other than this everything else is varied and done as we see the need. I am sure I will get some more stuff set in stone as the year progresses but I am always a little spastic so I am sure our activities will vary occasionally. :)