Saturday, April 30, 2011

Safari Adventure

Safari Picture Overload coming up!

We had such a great day yesterday with Sheila and a bunch of cousins. It really was a blast even in the lovely Oregon rain and I am so glad we got this opportunity while Shae and the kids were in town. It will long be talked of by my kids and I am sure the others as well. :)

Feeding the Giraffe
The kids were just amazed by the Giraffe, his neck, his tongue. Just cool!
My little man and I!
Driving out to feed the Giraffe
Another giraffe, that we did not feed.
They were pretty sure this guy is a robot because he didn't move. :)
Riding on the train, Haven insisted on a picture because his feet now touch the ground. hehehe
Our personal train ride. :)
These little guys stole our childrens' hearts.
Being gentle
The Elephant Car Wash, pretty amazing to hear the kids laughing in wonder and excitement.
This girl really knew how to put on a good show for the kids.
The best I could get when it comes to a group pic. They were way too excited.
Throwing apples to the 3 bears.
These guys are amazingly cute. Glad they were behind a fence though. :)
In the van ready to start the day

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Visitor

We got a visit with our Lovely Taiah overnight. :) The girls as always made a list of things to do while she was here. (My sister jokingly called it a bucket list for kids hehehe)

Build a puzzle (check)
Playing outside with the neighbor girl Haley was not on the list but still fun. :)
Do Finger Nails (check)
Tea Party with Felicity and Molly (Check)

The girls also slept in a sheet tent and got to watch Ramona and Beezus together. Went to Wed night church and got some good play time in. :) I think my girly should be okay to wait until Taiahs next visit now. :) It was so nice to see her, we just love some girl time around here since we are usually out numbered. heheheh

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring sewing swap

I took part in a springtime sewing swap over at The Homeschool Lounge. I received this amazingly cute apron from my swap partner. I was so excited and wore it all day yesterday.

I just love doing these little swaps it is a nice reason to sew something and always a chance to get some lovely mail instead of just another bill or credit card offer. :)

I now have a pile of sewing I need to start on. Some mending and some custom orders. Plus a birthday present for my almost 2 year old niece who is growing up way to fast. :)
Feeling happy to see the sunshine and ready for the gardening, walking, and park playing season.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

Easter Sunday

Learning how to play Chinese Checkers with Mom and Dad!
Pinata time (It was the stone that was rolled away. :)
Egg hunt in the back yard - We had a bit of break from the rain but it was still very muddy for little feet.
Cousins enjoying lunch around the table
Waking up Easter morning to find the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly. "It is rised up just like Jesus" Caleb says.
Timothy, Evangeline, and I made these fun butterfly snacks for all the kids to take home.
The boys waking up to there new car carpet.