Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fair

Off to the Spring fair again today, and hoping to do a bit better sales than yesterday. Always fun though to hear both drumming and harmonicas coming from two different ends of the building. :) Or where else can you see giant birds, trees, and indians all dancing together in a long line with little children mixed in. And I must say there food is pretty darn good.
Today should be fun since I actually finished my snapping yesterday and can possibly roam a bit and enjoy the fellowship and colors around me. Also Baby Gramps plays today so what could be more fun than that. Come on down and visit us at our booth if you get a chance today or tomorrow, we are the ones with the awesome new wooden shelves Ryan was cool enough to build for us. Hehehe

(Congrats to my sis Abbie on her pregnancy, always fun fun fun to have another little one to sew for)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A bit of the sunshine

Wishing this sunny weather would come back again. This is one of our sunny days this month when my two littlest men decided to take a bubble blowing break.

A bit of a trim

We took a trip to our local barber last week on a sunny afternoon. (Very local in fact and inexpensive too)

Caleb just needed a trim but this was Havens first haircut. Sad day for a mommy for some reason.
They both did well although we did try and bribe haven with some bread although it wasn't really as distracting as I had hoped and bread isn't too tasty once baby hair get on it. :)

No worries Caleb and Asa kept themselves entertained while Haven got his hair cut. Yes they may have gotten a bit dirty and broken something but what do you expect from 2, 2 year olds.

Kitchen redo

Kitchen work for all to see. :)

Grouting the tile on the countertops

Still grouting those tiles

The snipper

Pretty floor (Still wet in this pic)

Oops the lens got dusty

Scrapping the yuck off the wood

More scrapping the yuck off the floor. :)

Pre- pretty floor

I will post another post with some pretty after pics as soon as we completely finish. Prepare to be amazed. hehehe


Took a trip to the bowling alley with Bryan, Esther and the kids. Fun was had by all although 1 hour is not long enough to get through an entire game when you have kids bowling. Hehehe

Taking a ride on daddy!

Drumming with Emily

Little drummer boy

Feeling the cool breeze

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tot School 6

Tot School

Here we are playing with these brightly colored cards I found at the dollar tree! You just match up the pieces. He really liked this and we had alot of fun doing it together. :)

We found this bug in the hallway and spent some time holding it and talking about bugs before we released it outside.

He finally took a bath without crying like he was dying thanks to some patience and this bath toy I got him at Ross for Christmas. He really likes swimming the fishy in the little pond and building the houses along the roads. (Yes his face is very dirty thusly he needed a bath)

Planting clovers

Dirt for the clovers

Watching dirt absorb water