Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento lunch

So I have become a lunch packing addict. I love packing these fun lunches for my kiddoes. :) I always end up having to pack one for Caleb too or he gets so sad. Who can resist animal rice balls, or teddy bear sandwiches.

Timmy's Bento - Cinnamon sugar rice piggie, Pooh bear animal cookies, cheese crackers, carrot, cutest small apple from the farmers market, Pepperoni, cocktail corns, Vanilla yogurt, and a cheesy rice cow.
Evangeline's Bento - Same as Timmy but with tuna in her cheesy rice. :)

So anyway there they are isn't is so fun and exciting. I just ordered a couple small bento tools off EBAY so I will show them off when they get here. :)

Also we are painting the house today so I will definately get some pics and do a house painting post soon. (By we I actually mean Justin and Ryan)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MOPS Bar B Que 2

We had our first ever MOPS kickoff family Bar B Que on Saturday. It was really fun and I think everyone that came out had a good time. Of course it has been sunny and warm and the day we hold the Bar B it happens to be coldish. Oh well, a good time was still had by all and I am looking forward to MOPS starting again on the 7th.

MOPS kickoff Bar-B-Que Pics

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Story Time

School is back in session and evening story time is one of my favorite parts.

A couple nights ago I didn't have to read though since Daddy and Timmy read together and Caleb had to read with Sissy. (Although I am not so sure he was really interested in reading about Samantha)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First packed lunch!

Timmy's Bento - Rice and tuna Turkey - Meatballs - Boiled egg - Bread flowers -Cheese - Carrots - Sunflower seeds - Soy sauce - Poundcake flowers w/ chocolate sauce and sprinkles

Evangeline's Bento - Rice and Tuna pig - Same as Timmy's

Justin's Bento - I made for his lunch at work - Mostly the same foods as the kids but with sauce on his meatballs and no boiled egg because I forgot. :)

A momentous occasion to be sure. My little ones took there first packed lunch to school today. :) The last two years we happened to qualify for free lunches and thus my daughter never packed one. This year we do not so we will be packing probably half of the time. :)

Daddy went crazy and started packing these fun lunches yesterday. Google Bento's if you haven't seen them yet they are so cute and fun and ours aren't nearly as elaborate as some people's get. hehehe Anyway we worked together and this is what we came up with. I hope they enjoy eating them as much as they enjoyed looking at them. They were so excited.

First day of School '08

So Timmy boy started Kindergarten this year and my little Evangeline is now in 2nd grade.
Here are a couple of pictures from there first day. Before school Timmy was a bit nervous and it shows a little bit in the pictures. :) He has really enjoyed school so far and although he is much quieter than his sister ever was I can tell that he is learning already.

Evangeline is also having a good year so far. She seems to like her new teacher alot and now that they have started reading groups again she is a happy girl. :)

Being at home with Just the 2 little ones even for such a short time is very different. Caleb isn't sure what to do with himself and I am sure things will be very different once Haven is walking around. It's so funny to do an errand and feel like it is so easy to get in and out of places, yet people that see me are like wow that must be hard to have 2 so close together. hehehe Usually I don't tell them I have 4 but once in awhile I do just to see there expression. Who would have thought that 4 kids would seem like such a big number to so many people.

Anyway I have another post to put up soon so keep your eyes open for it.