Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creation Camp 2010

The Lions may be weak and hungry but those who fear the Lord lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10

This was a great Camp for myself and I hope for all the kids who attended as well. Reminded me how much I enjoy ministering to a childs heart. Also that even when I lack and feel I may have failed, God is in charge and he always triumphs.

I had great, great girls this year. They are growing in God and walking that rough rode of life decisions and future plans. Had a great conversation with one of the girls Sat night that so reminded me of myself at that same age. God was showing me that although sometimes I doubt I have much to offer others even the little I have is enough. It's all he asks and it is all I can give.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 7/2/2010

Ok so we didn't do much school this week. Summertime fun mixed with Party planning is about all that we achieved.
I wasn't able to get a veggie bed in the ground this year but had a friend mention trying this. A sort of homemade Topsy Turvy. I planted Cherry Tomatoes upside down in some cheap plastic hanging planters that I had cut a hole out of the bottom of. So far so good, we even have tiny tomatoes starting. :)

Joining in on this Summer Devotion Challenge over at the Homeschool Lounge. Just started yesterday!

Timothy surprised us all this week by just taking off on his bike. Which he has never ridden before. :) He was biking circles all over the driveway without any coaching whatsoever. Well other than Momma telling him to get a helmet on. His bike has gone in for a tune up and he is anxiously awaiting it's return.

We are busy planning Caleb's 4th Birthday. Can you guess the theme? Next week I will post some pics of decorations, crafts, ect.... The party is the 10th and he is more than ready for it.

Had a few gloriously Beautiful Summer Days this week. The kids jumped at the chance to use the pool. Even Oso got in on the fun.

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