Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Freeze

As I drive to work early mornings it is sometimes hard for me to reflect on the Crispness of Winter and the Glory of the Four Seasons. I am more concerned with running late or waiting for windows to defrost and slipping on the ice. Hard to Love the cold when you have to unload a truck in Icey weather for two hours and take the rest of the day to thaw back out. :)

We are back to school now and doing what I would call good. Timothy is still what would be considered behind in his Math, Reading, and Grammar. We are working on it and I am practicing my patience every day. Today he will finish his Math book and advance to the next and something as simple as that means progress and helps me look back and see advancement which is often hard to see in a slow build up. We have to look back and remember where we were to see how we have grown.

Evangeline turned twelve this month. Twelve years a Mother and I still don't know what I am doing. She is beautiful and emotional. She is mostly independent with her work although I do several subjects with her and check all of her work afterwards. I enjoy seeing her read directions no matter how vague and be able to work out in her head how best to accomplish them. It is beautiful in it's own way.

Caleb is a ball of fire. He rushes to get his school done and can never get enough. he is finally reading Bob books and we are now breezing through Phonics Pathways. He is still doing simple math but has started doing a few extra pages a day now that he is excited about it. I am just trying to use this excitement as long as it lasts.

Haven is excited but not as excited as Caleb. His excitement seems to be born more from competition than Love of learning at this point. He just wants to do everything Big Brother does. He is also working on Phonics Pathway but is a little behind Caleb much to his dismay. He is on the same level in math.

I can't wait for Spring. I Love the new life we get to see. I am yearning for my yard and my fingers to thaw out. :)
Yet while it is Winter I am trying to Live in this moment and remember that every moment is a gift from God.

My Beautiful Birthday Girl