Saturday, January 18, 2014

Life goes on

Last post was in July 2013. It seems as if  half a year has slipped by without me posting on here. It feels like longer somehow. Big things and small have happened but somehow it all flows into a motion of simply living. Looking back, I thank the Lord that we are walking with Him and that he always takes care of us.
I see children learning and growing, maybe not always the way I would like them too at the time it happens, but when I see it in reflection it is always more and greater then I realized.
We keep busy, trying to focus on the Lords work and keep all else in the background. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we lose focus.
My beautiful girl, my oldest child, my gift from the Lord that he had plans for long before I knew her turned 13 last week.  Today we celebrate with friends and family. Each placed in her life and mine for a purpose and for such a time as this. I thank the Lord for the wonderful friends and mentors that she has.
I continue in my job as it is needed to help pay the bills yet I still Hope for a day that says I can stay home full time again. I enjoy my work and I give my best and yet I yearn to be home. If it is the Lords will this is my prayer for the future.
Things break down, some of them get repaired and you move forward without the ones that need to be put aside for later. So many times Fathers, Family, and Friends help to fix things so we do not have to pay for repairs that we can not afford. Blessings given, blessings received.
Ministry has grown for us. Opportunities left and right and day by day, it seems all you need to do is pray and seek and you will find. They stretch us, especially me. In good ways, growing ways. I need to pray more, more never hurts.
Thank you Lord for 2014, one more year to live in, each moment seeking you.

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