Friday, February 27, 2009

Sand The Floor

Working hard? Or hardly working? (No he worked really hard) You should see the floor now, so much nicer than that yucky old carpet. Except for the clothing strewn across it. :)

Showing some muscle. :)

Tot School 5

Tot School

We had a crazy week, we tore up our carpet and refinished the wood floors underneath. I was able to get in a little tot school the days we stayed at the in laws while our floors dried.

This is a toilet paper roll butterfly. I found some empty toilet paper roll, scrapbook paper, googly eyes, and glue. Free hand cut out a piece to wrap the tube 2 wings and a head. Then the tots helped me glue them all together.

Super easy and they had alot of fun flying them all around the room.

I was working on Birthday invitations with my 5 year old and I gave the tots edger craft scissors and the extra paper scraps. They had alot of fun cutting for a long time. The edger scissors are great too because they are safe and they like the way they cut fun shapes. :)

Grandma has this fun train table and we played with it alot while we were there. Maybe someday when we get a bigger house we will have to consider getting one of our own.

A bit of a Thursday

On a friday again. :)
Took this pic yesterday but forgot to post. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Bit of a Thursday

Starting to climb! Mommy is afraid!

Tot School 4

Tot School

Taking a walk with they Tots cousins who stayed overnight on Valentines. We don't see them often enough so this was a treat for the kids. They love there cousins.

The whole crew my kids and my Brothers 2 kids on our walk.

Not sure what game this was but it entertained them for at least an hour. Close the door, open the door. Peak a boo mommy! And no one was scared!

Gave the tots the wedgits to play with again. My go to tot toy. They decided to make it more exciting by climbing into the bottom bunk and building a boat. ( Pillows shoved around all sides, more like a cave really) The wedgits became a soup bowl for some reason. Everyone knows pirates like soup. hehehe

Okay so I have been horrible about taking pics the last 2 weeks. On top of that we are tearing out carpets and doing alot of painting ect... So here is what I caught on film. It's not much but it's something.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bit of a Thursday

Never too much help

Monday, February 9, 2009

My New to me (Vintage) machine

Last week my sewing machine died. So I have been shopping on the internet, reading reviews and such on sewing machines. Seems like most of the new machines just have a tendency to break downs since most of the parts are plastic and most sewing machine shops really don't like to fix anything that isnt rather on the spendy side.

Anyway a couple days ago I found a craigslist ad for this beautiful sewing machine. It is all metal body and parts. Sews perfectly and so quiet. Came in this also beautiful table and all we had to do was drive to Azaela to pick it up for $35.00.

I am really excited about this machine. I think its super cool looking and love the idea of being able to fold it up in a table. Here's hoping I can keep it running and find some of the extras you could get originaly to go along with it. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tot School 3

Tot School

So we didn't do too much since my last post.

We did make these instruments last week. We used tissue paper, some empty containers, and glue sticks. I just had the tots rip pieces of tissue and glue them onto the containers. Then when they had finished I used a hammer and nail to punch holes and put a ribbon onto them. Then they spent the rest of the day playing there drums. Actually they have been playing them everyday since we made them. :) WE used an empty cocoa container which sounds really cool since we left the bottom off and a cardboard wine tube I got some biscotti in for Christmas. You could really use any empty container you were going to throw out and transform it this way. If you wanted you could also fill them with some beans and they could be shakers. I think after Easter we are going to transform some empty Easter eggs into egg shakers for our band. :)

A Bit of a Thursday

(Or Friday since I forgot even though my sis reminded me) Arghhh