Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fun

We had a few extra kidlets over today. We chilled for awhile at home before taking a trek over to the Safari.

The 2 big kids building some card houses

At the Safari
Snackin on the bunnies
Making some new friends

Watching a couple of show offs. :)
Biggest goldfish ever. Just ask Caleb

Weekly Wrap up 9/24/10 Week 3

Evangeline with her Oso. doing some bookwork.

Caleb had some tot-school time this week other than just coloring. He colored these bugs and then we decided to tie them on a stick and make a mobile. The kids found a plastic fly and wanted it below the spider as if he was going after it for a snack. :)

Here he is coloring pasta to match the colors I put in the bottom of each egg cup. He did 3 of each color.

Then he strung a necklace on 2 pipe cleaners. Here is his camera pose. hehehe

We decided to have Bob, Abbie, and there crew over to watch the Harvest moon and check out Jupiter with us. My kids got very excited and created this little space station. :) books, telescope, binoculars, and a fun mobile Timmy created out of cardboard - tape - string

Around the bonfire

Kids checking out the moon

My camera was not liking the night time action. :) It seems to think there were 3 moons that night.

Taught the kids a few games from my childhood. Mother May I and Simon Says. P.E. if we keep active enough.

Oh and for all of you to know :) We totally are behind in my school schedule and slowly working toward catching up. We really do not only do fun stuff - most of the day is full of sit back down, no you don't need another drink, please get dressed so we can start, how is it 11 and we have only done one thing, I guess we will just skip that and call it good, Pick up your pencil, stop sharpening your pencil, stop doodling on your worksheets, Please don't whine, It isn't lunch time and we already had snack, and so on. hehehe I have just been purposefully trying to capture some of our more peaceful moments in picture so I have some encouragement to look back on. It is so true that when I think back to years past with my little ones I remember the fun times and the less fun are a vague fuzzy sometimes humorous memory. So here we go day by day week by week making our new memories.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up Week 2

Making some boats to see what it is like when stormy weather or wind gets crazy on the ocean. We are studying first settlers of the United States.

Haven with his Vitamin Water boat.

Holding the skewers in place as the hot glue dries in Evangeline's orange juice carton boat.

The ocean bathtub surrounded by Giants

Timmy attempting to salvage a sail. The Vitamin water bottles are a bit tipsy.

We also had our first roast and fire in the new backyard firepit. Ummm we didn't have any camp roasters and these kabob skewers were a tad too short. I guess I better watch out for some at end of summer sales.

Other than that it was a slow week. Evangeline is advancing in her math memorization facts at a good pace. Not fast enough for her but fast enough for me. :)
Timothy is improving greatly in his reading. Phonics Pathways mixed with ETC and Mcguffey Readers seems to be working very well. He likes a change of pace often so we rotate what we are reading everyday.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School Day 1

First day of school. Sunshine, New shirts, New schedule, and some P.E. fun.

Here is the Timid girl taking a jump.

The not so Timid Boy

and another! Although you can't see his head I love the form. :)

The Pre-schooler takes a leap

The little boy who has informed me his is now my Big Boy Baby!
He was so into this we had a hard time getting back inside afterwards so we read our next story in the backyard. :)

And who is this? Evangeline likes to take headless pics which is fine with me :)

We also did some learning but this is the only shot I took to prove it. hehehe