Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap up Week 6

Fall is in full force, we have had falling leaves, cats under the house, and fallish weather. Which for Oregon means cool mornings that warm up and get humid. :)

Evangeline is through her Alpha Math U See and moving at a quick pace through Beta. I am really glad we switched curriculum and am happy to hear her say she gets it and it's easy. She should be through Beta relatively quickly and onto the next book.

Timothy is just about done with the Math U See Primer and will start the Beta as soon as he is finished.

I signed the kids up for the Book It program months ago and since it starts this month I printed out there charts and gave them each a reading goal. Timothy has just started to get excited about reading and this was the jumpstart that he needed. He actually finished his first book all the way through yesterday and asked to read more. :)

We had Kaylin over for a day this last week and she was happy to do some school with Evangeline. :)

 Haven insisted I can hold 2. :)

 She was very not tired but we convinced her to nap after much lullaby singing.

 The kids have been building this United States Puzzle all week and we watched Wackos United States song several times. Fun stuff!

So we had a pretty good week. We almost caught up with our schedule and what more can we ask? :)

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