Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas countdown week one.

I started working on some Christmas gifts for my kids this week.

These are for there Stockings - I got the idea here and changed very little from her tutorial except I omitted piping since I don't have any and decided not to do the stenciling. Oh and I used denim for the road instead of felt. I am trying not to purchase anything or as little as possible.

I made one for my girly after I tried one of her polly pockets in one of the boys. They fit perfectly. So hers is a Polly Pocket Caddy. :)

Here is hers folded. I also used snaps instead of velcro.

Here are the boys I used the same fabric for there car on the front that I lined the inside with.

I am happy with what I accomplished and I will be back with another project soon.


;-) said...

Great Job! Those are awesome!

Tiff said...

Good for you, Beth!