Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up Week 4

We are studying Marsupials in our Science right now, we took some time to Draw the Kangaroo from the Draw Right Now books. I love drawing with the kids it is a nice break we need to do it more often

Justin was home Wednesday we didn't get as much school done as we should have of course. Actually we haven't done super well all week so today we are playing some catch up

Justin when I caught him "Organizing" the Lego men as he calls it. :) I call it playing but whatever

We will be doing a Flat Stanley exchange this year. Here the kids are posing with our Flat Stanley we will mail him out to the first person next week, after that we will be looking for some new homes for him to visit. Let us know if any of you are interested in hosting him at all

We went on a family hike to Susan Creek Falls last Sunday, It was wonderful Sunny but not too hot
Here is Haven with his "X" he was positive it was not a 2

Searching for Pirate Treasure

At the Lowes Build and Grow clinic last Saturday with Timmy and Evangeline 
Timmy building his puppet stage. He does not need my help thank you very much

Evangeline building

It happened to be Fire Safety day so here is Evangeline in the Ambulance with her neck brace on

Now she is strapped in for a ride. Timmy would sit on the side but that was all

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Tiff said...

Cool stuff. (My husband plays too.)