Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up Week 5

So we made it 5 weeks. 5 weeks of almost staying on schedule, almost remembering to hold my temper in check, almost being the mother I wish to be. Some days were better than others of course and some weeks were better than others. :)

Anxiety has been attempting to get the better of me this week. We fell a bit behind from some unexpected scheduling and bad planning on my part. So instead of smiling and doing my best to calmly get us back on track I kind of had a melt down. You know yelling, stressing, internet surfing, writing lists I will never accomplish.

My poor children, whom I adore and love have been the brunt of this followed closely by my husband as usual.

Thinking about the wrap up I was imaging our lack of activity this week in desperation and of course once again when I checked the camera for pictures I was surprised by what we did accomplish. God is so good.

We made this Fall Mobile. We borrowed the idea from and combined. :)
 Here the kids are grating the crayons. :) with the help of the Stanley and his Sister we are currently hosting.
 Took The Brother and Sister to the duck pond for a visit.
 We got to see a retired Nascar last Sat at Daddy's work. :) Just like Lightning
 The big kids finished there Jamestown dioramas with a little help from Mommy. :) We got these from

 Then we took Stanley to Grandmas to visit an Oregon Garden. The kids went out and took pics and I must say they did I fine job.

So next week I will focus on the little moments and remember the great Gift I have been given by God, my beautiful family.

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Abbie said...

I really like the Jamestown models ;)

musicalmary said...

You sound a lot like me in that you are probably very hard on yourself. I look back at what I thought was an "unproductive week" and we really accomplished a lot. I just found your blog and I'm following you now!