Saturday, October 9, 2010

An hour a day!

So I have so many plans for the upcoming holiday season. Homemade gifts for almost everyone. Sadly so far these plans have just been trapped inside of my head. So I have committed myself to sew or craft an hour a day until I get caught up. I shut myself up in my bedroom last night and was already able to get 3 things sewn for the boys. I already feel so much better and like it will all be okay. That feeling of small accomplishment instead of laziness is so nice. I will be posting what I get done for my own record and also in case it may give anyone else an idea for inexpensive gifts in this economy. I know we are tight financially right now and I feel blessed that I am able to handcraft some things for my family. So as soon as I grab some pics I will post my first project. :)

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Tiff said...

I'm officially inspired...