Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap up 7

Started the week preparing to send Daddy to Mexico for 5 days. So Monday was spent running to a few stores for last minute stuff and trying to get Skype hooked up on the computers. we got it working but sadly only the laptop had a mike and camera so while he was able to chat I had to type. :)

Tuesday we dropped Daddy off at the church to take a bus ride to the airport. My little Haven was confused and Caleb was a bit bothered that Daddy gets to see his Asa and fly on an airplane. We took it light on studies, watched a couple movies and just hung out.

Wednesday we went to my moms for hair cuts for the boys. much needed haircuts. Then we actually camped out in the living room with a couple of the kids mattresses and a couple old movies. Grandma was super cool and sent over some yummy soup for dinner. (She knows me and my lack of eating when I am stressed too well, I guess that's why she's my momma) I was able to chat with Justin for a few minutes and the kids said hello even though he couldn't hear them. Haven says he can come home from work now. :)

Haven with his new haircut!

Thursday we try to do a bit more school. We did okay but the kids were so tired I finally put them all to bed for a rest. The oldest 2 had some work to do in bed and even they fell asleep doing it. It was a much needed nap and they all woke up happier. After much impatience and the amazingly wonderful Shae helping me out I was able to chat with Justin before bed at 11:30pm. I sure do love that guy and am very unused to not talking to him several times a day.

Friday we went into town for a coffee, umm because I am out of milk! Then we swung by my sisters house to see her pretty blue paint on her house. Of course the kids decided it would be best if they played for a bit while I did my errand. :) So just Haven and I ran to big lots and picked up a camera/mike combo for my comp. When he Skypes tonight I will be ready. Then we met the local homeschool group and my Sis, Bro-in-law and the kids at the pumpkin patch for a hayride, and corn maze. Fun stuff. Home at last just relaxing and waiting for Grandma Ardel to pick up Evangeline and Haven for an overnight visit.

Daddy is home late tomorrow and we are ready. :)

335 lbs of cousin!
 Searching for the perfect pumpkin
 Me and the kids. See I fit right in!
 The corn maze

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Abbie said...

I think it was more like 335 lbs ;)

LadyJ said...

hmm yes that makes more sense.

See Jamie blog said...

Looks like a good week in all, even without the Daddy in town. Enjoy next week WITH him here! :)