Friday, September 30, 2011

The boys new Lego Room

We decided to decorate the boys room in a Lego theme late last year. I Love the browns the walls were already painted so we stuck with those and just added touches of Primary colors. The bedding was from Target early this year in the Back to College section. I Love it because it is thin and holds up to many washings. (It has been washed at least once a week since January.)

I got the boys the car carpet for Easter last year. I Love how the bright colors add to the room plus they can use it for play time. :)

We were blessed to find a projector last year at a yard sale for 5 dollars. We projected Lego men on the walls and traced them in pencil.
Then Justin painted them.
Here is our boombox man. (I also replaced the doors on the closet with a curtain which I love) The doors always broke off and they were hard for them to open and close.
Here you see the Spaceman and The Police officer.
Here is the Hopscotch boy in the back and to the left you see the framed board my Dad made for me. I glued base plates to it so they have a vertical building area. They are loving this so far. I made sure to place a Lego over each gap as they dried so that the spacing would be correct.
Here are some fun initials Auntie Amy made for the boys last Christmas. We finally found them the right home.

The boys love there new room and are having a blast showing it to all of our recent guests.


Abbie said...

Looks great!

;-) said...

Looks like tons of fun! Good job!

Tiff said...

I like it! The vertical board idea is just cool.