Friday, September 16, 2011

Sewing Together Half Apron

So I have started a small sewing group with a few momma friends. We had our first get together today and the plan is to meet once a month for a simple sewing project.

Today went so well and we had such a great time. It was such a blessing to visit and let the kids visit while we all got to sew a little something to use or save for A future gift.

Here is a picture tutorial of what we made today. Maybe some of you will sew some up and save them for Christmas gifts.

1- You will need 2 coordinating fat quarters. Or 2 pieces of fabric that measure 18" by 22" for each apron.
 This is how a fabric quarter may be packaged. (sometimes the are available in bundles or rolled up)
 Now you will cut each fabric quarter in half shortways. The fabric you choose for the pocket and straps will need to have one of the halves cut in half as well. So in this picture the cherry fabric will be the apron body and the gingham will be the pocket and straps.
 Fold each small piece in half wrong side out and sew along the side seam.
 Then turn them right side out.
Iron the straps flat with the seam centered.

 Tuck in and sew one end of each strap

Fold the fabric that matches the straps in half. (If you wish to add lace ribbons, ect now is the time to stitch it along the folded side.
Now we make a sandwich. Place one of the main body pieces down - right side facing up. Place the folded in half pocket piece at the bottom - folded side toward the top. Place one strap on each side about an inch down from top (Not even with the top like in this pic sorry- you need enough space above them to sew and turn the fabric) The straps will be seam up and I fold them in a bit and pin them on the ends and in the middle so they won't slide around and get caught as I sew.
Next place the other main body piece on top of the sandwich right side facing down. Pin all around. Make sure all the pins are far enough in that you can sew around the edges without hitting them.

Leaving a 4" opening in the middle of the top side sew all around the edges. Making sure to catch the straps and the pocket all around.
Remove the pins, I leave the opening big enough that I can reach inside and get the pins out. Then reach inside and reverse the entire apron through the opening you left.
Push out the corners and iron it flat making sure to tuck in the opening as you iron so you can close it in the next step.
Top stitch close to the edge all around.
Add a straight line down just the front pocket to make divisions. You can add as many lines as you want. 2 or 3 pockets seems just about right for this apron.
Trim your threads and tie the apron on someone. Then make them smile and take a picture. hehehehe

If this is confusing just let me know in the comments.