Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - 9/4/2011

Teaching the 2 little boys Little Hands to Heaven has been such a blessing. They are so excited each day and ready and willing to do there work. :) It makes my heart happy.

Here is an art project that they did making rainbows.

Timothy is doing very well this year and we are finally getting through the work each day. I had to change a few things for him. First I took an index card and cute a small window just large enough for one line of text in a book, this is really helping him at reading time to concentrate and keep his spot. I also ordered him a table top book holder for when he is doing copywork ect. at his desk. He was having a hard time tracking his sentences and keeping his spot with the books laying flat next to what he was writing. It is really helping him so far. He adores the Science, Hymn study, and Art especially and is even reminding me that he needs to do math. Wowser
This Saturday we headed to Bandon to meet Grandma and Grandpa. They were camping and let us join in for a day. :)
Playing with some fun bubble makers
Watching a critter collect nuts and stash them in a tree.
Found a fun balloon man at a yard sale.
Attempted to use an old overgrown path to the beach.
Decided is was far to steep and muddy after a bit. hehehe
Decided to use the stairs.
Ahhhh the Beach
Playing at the park with Cousin Kaylin
Kaylin and her Timmy
Grandma leading the way on the worlds least slippery slide.

Evangeline is also doing well on her curriculum. We are working through some perfectionism so she can get her work done in a timely manner. I will be sure to snap a pic or 2 of her this week.


My name is Tiffany said...

Great week! I am using LHTH with my three year old. We are just entering our second week. I am looking forward to your updates.

Kristin said...

We are doing Bigger. This is our first year and I am so happy to be doing Heart of Dakota. I too am blogging about our weeks. I think HOD has been a God send for our family!

Kristin said...
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