Monday, June 6, 2011


Joining my sister at Second Star to the Right again for her Who! What! When! Where! How! Why! Blog hop.

This week we get to blog chat about the what of our home school curriculum.

My oldest Evangeline will be using the Creation to Christ Curriculum from Heart of Dakota this year. She is in love with it even though we have not started. The idea of having a lot more independent work is really a big deal for her. We are still on the lookout for a few of the books but we ave a great start and should be ready to start by June or July

She is already started on the Drawn into the Heart of Reading curriculum you see here on the right. So far we are loving it and really finding it to be an enjoyable yet flexible reading program.
 My oldest son Timothy will be using the Bigger Hearts for his Glory curriculum this year. I have everything he needs minus one last book. :) On the right you see his emergent readers we are still working our way through and I hope we can be finished with them by June/July so he can move into the same reading program as his sister at the lowest level.
 The two youngest boys will be going through Little Hands to Heaven together.

We use Math U See for as our Main math with Math Mammoth as a printable supplement. We will have our 10 year old in Delta at the beginning of the year, 8 year old will be finishing up Alpha, and 5 year old will start Primer. My 4 year old will not be starting just yet.

We will be using Song School Greek for the 3 boys and Greek for Children with Evangeline.

We will use Rod and Staff English for the 2 oldest and add daily grams to that for Evangeline.

I think that seems to be the core of our curriculum but I am sure we will do a few extras or additions here and there. I pretty much go with the flow around here. :) I am so excited to be trying out Heart of Dakota and really praying it is the perfect fit for me and the kids. I need the schedule as that is the one thing I really see lacking this last year and I love how the Bible is so integrated into the entire curriculum.

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Abbie said...

You finally did it ! I'm excited that you will be using HOD and I hope you love it ;)

Rachel said...

I think I recognize some of those books. Looks like a good selection.