Thursday, May 26, 2011


Evangeline is 10 and will be going into the 5th grade this coming school year. She is Caring, Protective, Thoughtful of others, Organized, Independent
Favorites -
School Subject: Reading
Color: Purple
Book: Little Woman
Sport: Skating
Activity: Wii games
Game: Chinese Checkers
T.V. Show: Amazing Race
Movie: Tangled
Timothy is 8 and will be going into the 3rd grade this coming school year. He is Quiet, Gentle, Artistic, Happy, Inventive
Favorites -
School Subject: Science
Color: Blue
Book: Sir Small and the Dragonfly
Sport: Softball
Activity: Drawing
Game: Uno
T.V. Show: Rescue Rangers
Movie: Curious George
Caleb will be 5 in July and will be going into Kindergarten this coming school year. He is Loud, Energetic, Outgoing, Friendly, Determined
Favorites -
School Subject: Watch Leap frog videos
Color: Orange
Book: There's a Monster Eating my house
Sport: Racing
Activity: Playing outside
Game: Donkey Kong
T.V. Show: Superman
Movie: Star Wars
Haven will be 4 in December and he will be going into Preschool this coming school year. He is Affectionate, Shy, Playful, Helpful, Inquisitive

Favorites -
School Subject: Woody
Color: Green
Book: Woody easy reader

Sport: Pencils
Activity: Lacing Beads

Game: Cootie bugs

T.V. Show: Diego
Movie: Toy Story

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Tiff said...

Aw, dangit! I knew I forgot something yesterday! Your kiddos are adorable...

Briana said...

Cute students!

Jesse, said...

Those are some good looking' students, mama!!! My 4yo is excited about "real school", too!

Rachel said...

Such cute kids. I love their smiles. I have an almost 4 year old too. They make for some interesting times.

Jennifer @ Our Family Forest said...

Beautiful Children! Sounds like you have a fun school! I linked over from bobandabbies blog, I am now following your blog!