Monday, June 20, 2011


Joining Second Star to the Right again this week for her blog hop. This week we are supposed to share the Where of our home school.

The first stop on the tour is the front bookcase. This is the case that holds the day to day curriculum. So we are using these shelves everyday.

Here is the living room area, Math U See is done while on the couch or the floor and once a week they will be watching a dvd before they do it. This is also where a lot of read aloud time takes place.
Kitchen table is the main station for sit down work at the moment. I hope to get a desk or table area in another spot for my oldest son before school next year as we will be starting the 2 youngest on more sit down work and the table may become there zone. :) Oh and the computer is here directly to the right so it is easy access for when we do any type of online games, drills, printing ect...
This is my daughters desk in her room. She goes here for reading time, writing time, and anything else independent she wants quiet for. :) Sometimes she sits on her bed which is to the right as well. None of the boys go to there rooms for work as they do not have the concentration yet to do anything when they are out of eyesight of momma.

That is basically it, we pretty much school all over the house and it is a bit chaotic most of the time.

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Briana said...

Looks good! Your daughter has a pretty spot to work in.

I only have one student who can go off and work on his own. The rest have to be in the room with me or chaos breaks out.