Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 8 and 9

SO life has been busy so I simply didn't get to a wrap up last week.

School is still moving along at a slow and steady pace. Things just seem to slow down a bit this time of year which is possibly not a bad thing. We have gotten through studying about the first 10 Presidents and first 13 States. Timothy (7) has now read 2 full books, this is a huge step for him and I can see the reading possibilities blossoming in his mind. Caleb (4) has begun asking to learn to read and I have held off thus far but I do believe we may start some simple letter learning in January.

Taking November to get through a few workbooks such as Grammar and Math so we can have a fresh start after Christmas in a new book. We love new workbooks, clean crisp pages are just so inspiring. Also taking November to give thanks for our abundant blessings so mixing some extra Thanksgiving reading and activities in when we can, Or even on occasion just doing that instead of the regular schedule. (Crazy I know)

Slowly working on some handmade Christmas gifts and I hope to really get serious about that in the next few weeks before the clock ticks down.

Joyful our small home group is starting back up I love the fellowship and encouragement. Thanks Ash for the conversation this week) Also enjoying my new MOPS group, although I do miss my girls from the last few years.

A couple paper Christmas Trees Timmy created this week. All his own design. And these trees are tiny. (Yes it is only Nov)
Haven with his Airplane creation
He was not sleepy here! Neither was Oso
Some beautimous leaves we collected from Grandmas yard ready to be flattened with books
Gluing them onto some fish bowls
With candles in them! Hoping they last until Thanksgiving

This very morning after my hubby woke me up with a delicious Mocha in hand. :) Ignore the unbrushed hair. :)

Have a great and Thankful November everyone. :)
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;-) said...

You guys are creative!

Tiff said...

I love reading your wrap-ups. I just do.