Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving week - The plan

So my sister has posted there plans for next week, I told her I would post mine as well so here they are. I wouldn't call mine so much a plan as a bunch of ideas we will pick and choose from as time allows. :)

We will be getting together with my sis and the kids one day to make popcorn strings for hanging outside for the animals.

We will be doing some lapbook/ copybook work, I have several options for this that I have downloaded from over the last year so we will pick and choose what works best for us. I have one folder for each child and whatever we complete will go in there so they can keep there book to look through and remember after Thanksgiving.

We also have been checking out the scholastic Thanksgiving section and will most likely continue that next week as well. We still need to explore the Mayflower after all. :)

Evangeline will practice her cursive by making name tags for everyone that will be here for Thanksgiving dinner. She loves helping make a holiday special with little homemade touches.
Here is what we are attempting if I can get the walnuts to crack cleanly.
We will have one sail and she will write the name on it.

We have a few books we will be reading and we will be doing some draw right now book 3.
Here is a sideways pic because my comp is being wacky. Also in the pic are the folders with some copywork and poems ready to go. They will use the little foamy kits we got from Grandma Ardel to decorate the front of the binders.

Other than that Thanksgiving evening we will give the kids there new Christmas movie like we usually do. This year it is the newest Veggie Tales Christmas.

We will not be doing school Black Friday! We spend a fun morning with Grandma Ardel people watching with a little but of shopping thrown in. :) Very likely this will end with a trip to a coffee shop to warm up and relax. Me personally I am hoping Legos are on a super sale. hehehe


Abbie said...

Looks good! I love the walnut idea ;)

Tiff said...

Looks fun! I have no idea what we're going to do yet. At the very LEAST, we need to make another "thankful tree". I did not plan ahead well at all...