Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap up 11

Started our week by Taking all 4 of the kids to Lowes build and grow clinic. The 2 littlest had so much fun. This was there first time there and wow they concentrated so hard on those hammers and nails.

Put together Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child with our small group. We will be sending them off this Sunday.

The kids did a lot of Mayflower/ Pilgrim study this week, we listened to a live interview from Plimoth on Scholastic and then they worked on some printable for a board we put together.

Here is the completed board they all love to go look at it and talk about it, although Caleb still insists he colored a Pirate ship. :)
 A little Thanksgiving banner Evangeline and I put together.

 I made some Turkey shirts for the kids this week. I got the idea and tutorial here

I did not have any interfacing so I just used a glue stick to hold the fabric down as I stitched it. :)
Here is one with the feathers and turkey sewn down. (These were the girl design and above is what the boys got)
Sorry my computer is being wacky again and won't let me flip this. :( But this is one of the completed Turkey's with handstitched feet and face. :)

I will get a pic of the kids in there shirts on Thanksgiving. :)

We have a super busy weekend ahead but that is for another blog post and then we head into Thanksgiving week. Hoping to get more sewing done next week and looking forward to the family meal on Thursday as well as beginning the plans for Christmas.

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