Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/4/2010

Evangeline has been going to Grandmas once a week for a little while now. She is getting some one on one time to learn some handiwork she has been wanting to do but I have never been able to get around to.

First she is learning to embroider and she is so excited about it. She has shown so much patience it is really amazing. She plans to finish this sampler and frame it for her bedroom.

They are also pressing flowers. I believe Grandma and Evangeline plan on some kind of craft with these when they are finished. Possibly Christmas presents.

Next on the list is learning how to bike. Just as soon as the sun chooses to peak out a bit more than it has been. :)

Timothy has also been having a once a week Grandma day. He has chosen to do cooking lessons with Grandma and is enjoying it very much.

This is him with some yummy Beef Pie. He took so much time decorating the top of this. It was beautiful.

As for at our house we finally pulled out the legos that have been in a tub since we had our first baby. They are an amazing success and all 4 of the kids are in Love. :)

Here is Timmy with his first creation a 2 story house on wheels. With solar panel!

We won't be stopping school for summer, we may be on a summer slowdown but not a summer break. We just switched to Math U See curriculum instead of Horizons and so far it has been amazing. Timmy is in love with the block manipulatives and the dvd we get to watch before each lesson. Easy to understand and hands on have made this a big hit. We shall see how it keeps progressing.
Timothy officially finished his first book this week and I can see a little glimmer of hope for his love for reading to blossom. I know it won't be long before he really jumps in with both feet. He just needs to warm up to the idea first.

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chubbycheeks said...

Sounds like a great week ;)

See Jamie blog said...

How wonderful that they are getting such special time with grandma each week!