Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breathing Anew

Some days I wake up weary and then what do I do? I consider how weary I am, I dwell on it, I swim in it. Far to common of an occurance as of late. Slowly it dawned on me that the more I linger in a place of worry and weariness the less I feel like doing anything about it. After all I am a sinner and a failure.

Why I wonder is my house not as tidy as I would like it to be? Why aren't my children as polite and content as I would like them to be? Why am I not as submissive and caring as I should be? Then the light comes on inside of my heart. Knock knock, my God reminding me to dwell on him and not on myself.

The beautiful Glorious sunshine yesterday reminded me of how my spirit lifts when I go into the sunny world and soak in it. How much more will my spirit lift if I Go into the Son and soak him in?

Calling on my Lord today and knowing he does hear me and will help me take to baby steps on my journey of becoming the person he created me to be.

Jeremiah 33:3

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