Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/11/10

Tiny bits of sunshine escaped from the clouds this week off and on and although I would have appreciated a bit more I was very greatful for what we received.

We celebrated my sweet nieces 4th Birthday last Saturday and the kids had a blast at a local fun center.
(My kids are all in a row with the hats on, being surprisingly mild mannered)

Timothy came home from his weekly cooking class at Grandmas with this delicious homemade cake. It was so good and he was so excited that we could all have 2 pieces. One for now and one for later. :)

Evangeline shared her day with Grandma this week with her best friend, they have known each other forever and since she will be moving to Mexico with her family soon as missionaries they took the day just to have some fun and Grandma took some pics too.  Here is the families blog

We put together a summer adventure box this week too. My kids decided they wanted it to be about backyard animals.

So far they have mostly been studying insects. My boys do this all of the time anyway so it comes very naturally to them. :) Here they are working on a little bug house kit we put together.

I got the idea for this kit from my sister at

who got the idea from

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chubbycheeks said...

The cake looks yummy ;)