Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up 6/25/10

So my last wrap up was several weeks ago thus this one will have a bit from the last 2 weeks in it.

Practice CAT before the big day. She got out a lot of anxiety and when the big day arrived did great. (We should have results in a couple weeks) Oh and when I told her took pick out a book to read during breaks at the testing she picked her Bible. :)

Last Spring trip to the Safari in which the big kids were very sweet to there youngers. :) Also beautiful weather.

My first time as the official driver going through the Safari drive through. Timmy had to snap a pic.

Kids decided this lazy guy reminded them of our Dog OSO. :) Luckily the Bears, Lions, Cheetahs and Tigers were much more active.

I cut the lawn with a riding lawnmower for the first time in my life and actually found it relaxing other than the sore legs the day after. hehehe I will be mowing most of the time from now on as my husband practically dies from allergies.

Nature walk at the duck pond. My whole Beautiful family minus me. :)

Still walking


The 3 oldest spend this last week at a local VBS and had such a blast. Haven and I chilled at my sisters house most of the mornings they were there and you can check her blog to see a bit of what we were working on.

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