Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our big find!

So we went to our local Rescue mission store the other day in search of a new dryer as ours has been dead for over 2 weeks. (Not fun at all) Well luckily we found one, but as we were about to leave I found the prettiest couch which I now realize I have not taken a pic of yet. :)
So we now have a real couch for the first time since we got married. And the futon pictured below I have put up for sale in the news review. I hope it sells for more then we paid for the couch.
That would be awesome!!!

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~The Bargain Queen said...

Doesn't it feel good to get a real couch!
Been there, done that!

And your futon really is beautiful! Someone will be glad to get it.

Thanks for the polly pocket tip, I linked to your blog in mine. :)