Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yay for good news

So this week we have been able to get our car fixed, at least it is now in driving condition.
I was also able to sell my futon for enough to pay for the couch and dryer we picked up at the mission. Yay

We had our November MOPS meeting and I cant believe how many new faces we have this year, since I am so horrible at remembering names I will be trying to work extra hard on it this year. Besides new faces we have also already had 6 moms announce that they are expecting in just 2 meetings, it is going to be a big baby year me thinks. :)
Everyone seemed to enjoy the craft and hopefully they will be able to actualy find it useful in there homes.

Christmas quickly approaches and I am wanting to get my house clean and organized before we decorate so that only gives me a couple of weeks. I also need to make some Christmas gifts, buy a few gifts, get bags ready for the hospital for the kids and us, bake some Christmas goodies, and about a million trillion other things. I really am not too stressed about it at this moment, but hopefully that will last. I want this holiday to be peaceful and focussed on the right things. The birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, not presents, food, or anything else. Those things are all fun and fine but it can be hard to pull the focus away from them and keep things simple.

Only 65 days left until I am due to have baby Haven so he will be here before we even know whats happening I am sure. My oh my does time fly when the days are so full.

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