Friday, September 14, 2012


I can feel the taste of Autumn in the air and in myself. I Love this season.
 So full of color and renewing. Everything sheds last years newness and settles into just being what God made it to be somehow.
 I feel myself taking things slower taking care of those little things that since January I have been putting off. I finally notice the unfinished mending, the cluttered laundry room floor and not only do I notice but take a few minutes to actually do something about it.
The house is still a turmoil, my mind still tells me it is far too imperfect to reflect God to others, myself still feels that bit of shame when someone stops by, but there is more Hope within me that I am who God made me to be and He Loves me.
 Why a new season is needed to remind me of that I will never know, but I am happy it always comes and renews me because I weary far too easily.

Today I rejoice

 Nature Friday with some cousins.
 The first day of school

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