Friday, August 31, 2012

The Long Break

In January my life was overfull and busy and I stopped writing. It seemed very much as if no one would wish to hear my thoughts at that moment. :) Pretty sure I was trying to avoid them myself. Life is still full and still busy and we keep moving forward and God keeps us on our feet when we sometimes feel like laying down.

We had to reroof the house this year or lose our insurance. We were so amazingly blessed to have family and friends come and donate time and sweat to help us. Our home is once more protected from the rains just as the Lord has quieted and protected my heart this year. Now we wait for the insurance to okay us once more.

Now we start the process of painting the house a little at a time and attempting to figure out a Household budget. The budget has been hard to build since we have had so many financial changes this year. It is time for us to get serious and somewhat drastic and that will take some serious prayer and trust in the Lord. It can be so hard when you have to say no to simple things and other people just do not always understand.

The kidlets need to start school soon, very soon. Am I prepared? How did I get a 6th grader? How will I teach 4 at the same time who are different levels? How will I work it into our work schedules? Once more I trust in the Lord and know that he will carry me through.

So I am back to writing, what that means? I do not know.

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