Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - September is nearing the end

Week 2 of school

Friday we did a science day with cousins- We did a little study on digestion and then we made our own stomach to see how acid breaks the food down. Here they are squeezing out the stomachs to see what the acid(vinegar) did to the food(bread)

Squeezing the stomachs(balloons) to break up the food with the acid. ewwwww

After one of Evangeline's Bible readings this week she was supposed to do a quick sketch of something in the story. I always do this with her and we use the white board. Look at our lovely art. :)

For science Evangeline was supposed to test beak types and try and catch popcorn. The boys enjoyed helping her with this. We decided that birds with big paper beaks can catch food the best.  (just joking)

Evangeline is finally more than halfway through her guide and doing very well at being mostly independent. Timothy is not as far along as her and still codependent. I have learned that by breaking math up throughout the day in between everything else it does not overwhelm him as much and things go far more smoothly. The little boys are loving math which is very simple at the moment and I will be starting more serious phonics with them this week.

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Melissa said...

You should have seen my wrinkled up nose as I read about your stomachs. lol Looks like a great week!