Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up - Feb 19

Just had to show you my tuckered out little boy napping with his puppy

Valentines Day Treats

Ready For the Dance

The kids with the chocolates they made

Wrapping up another week and happy to say Spring is here. :) At least for a little bit! My little ones have been overjoyed to have a little outside time after the Long Winter Months. hehehe aren't they blessed to live here instead of someplace that actually gets Winter?

As for this week it has been odd and strange and wonderful. Daddy has been home all week. He is currently in between jobs, well his new job starts Monday so his mini vacation between jobs is almost over.
I received Timmy's Math Books that we have been waiting for and we are flying through them. For those who don't know he had been doing math that was much to advanced for him and we were not having many good days. Finally I came to my senses and ordered him the lower leveled math and it was the best choice I could have made. He is once again liking math and at this rate we should be caught up to his level in no time and he will feel much better about himself.
We were also able to test a few studies from The Old Schoolhouse this week including a study on Firefighters and one on Australia. The kids really enjoyed them and you can check out my last 2 posts if you want more info.
Evangeline is still doing her Prairie Primer studies and we are just finishing up Farmer Boy. She is also still doing her Cursive from handwriting for a reason and is enjoying it so much.
I was able to reorganize our school supplies finally. I hadn't done it since we moved in and I am so excited now to be able to get to and use alot more of the resources I already own. I also found some curriculum to start Caleb on as he is asking everyday for schoolwork to do with the big kids.
Next week we will be back into a more normal routine with daddy back at work and will hopefully make it back to the library again since it's been several weeks. :)

We also had a tiny valentine party last Friday with my sis and her little ones and my daughter was able to go to the Father /Daughter dance with her Grandpa.

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Wonder Mom said...

You precious girl looks lovely in her dance attire- I just think making memories like that is so important! Wonderful week Mamma!

Cheryl said...

What adorable kids! So you just moved in recently? Moving can be so stressful, you seem to be settling in nicely.

LadyJ said...

Not too recently. Last August. Just never got around to organizing the school stuff. Just grabbing what I need. ya know